Welcome to the Extensive Support Needs Program website. Together we are a passionate community striving for equity, quality education, and inclusion of students with extensive support needs. This virtual space is a place for connection between our team, students, graduates, and applicants to our program. Here you can find information about our M.A. and Credential program philosophy and structure, our amazing team and graduates, current projects and activities, resources, and links to our blog and social media. Current students can find useful links while navigating through the program, students and graduates can contribute to and use our curriculum and resources repository, and future students can learn about what it means to become a specialist and /or special education teacher for students with extensive support needs. 

“The ESN program gave a great background in the civil rights and ability rights history of the individuals we teach. Learning and teaching in the Bay Area, which is such a historically important place for dis/ability rights, really gives you a background to advocate for your students! The ability to work in Inclusion programs during practicum also gives you great ideas of what does and doesn't work, and the program is well paced to layer responsibilities and meaningful activities throughout.” – ESN Program graduate